Scientific Council in Management at WIUT

On 27 September 2019, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) hosted the first meeting of WIUT Scientific Council. The Scientific Council is a platform where Ph.D. and DSc candidates from local universities may defend their dissertations to get Ph.D. or DSc degrees – currently in Management subject area.

The Scientific Council at WIUT was approved by the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC) on 29.06.2019 for Management subject area (08.00.13).

Since its founding in 2002, WIUT scholars and students have engaged in research in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and throughout the world. Lately, policy reforms have multiplied the need to support the government and private sector decision-making with evidence from solid research. With a strong independent voice, WIUT established the Scientific Council in response to high demand in the labor market of Uzbekistan to researchers and higher education professionals with postgraduate degrees, specifically Ph.D. and DSc.

During the first meeting, the Scientific Council committee discussed:

  • Measures for further development of Postgraduate Education in Uzbekistan
  • Importance of English language, as a language of globalization and global science, for the current development of Postgraduate Education, and international research standards development
  • Launch of Scientific Council seminar series
  • Development of Management subject area in line with modern economic theory and methods
  • Collaboration with the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC)
  • Research & Education collaboration with local and international partners for further development of Postgraduate Education

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