Doctor of Science Programme (DSc)

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) launched PhD and DSc programmes (including Independent researcher scheme) in two disciplines: 

Management (08.00.13)

Econometrics & Statistics (08.00.06).

Admission and study at the graduate school will be based on the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 22, 2017 No. 304 “On Measures of Further Improvement of Postgraduate Education.

Researchers pursuing an advanced degree can register for DSc programme for full time or part time modes including Independent researcher scheme.

WIUT will offer graduate courses such as:

- Government or University funded DSc.

- Self-sponsored DSc (contract based)

Registration for programme is open from 15th September until 15th October of each year. Note that candidates may enroll for an Independent researcher scheme quarterly based on Resolution of Cabinet Ministers №304 (22.05.2017).

All documents are accepted through and platforms.

For more information about the requirements, please refer to the Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers №304 (dated on 22.05.2017) and №606 (dated on 19.07.2019) and Supreme Attestation Commission policies.

For inquiries about the WIUT graduate programmes please contact Nilufar Rashitova at or call at +998712387415.

Requirements and study process

Requirements for candidates

Applicants for doctoral studies (DSc) must have:

  • The scientific degree of a candidate of science, or a doctor of philosophy (PhD) or other equivalent degrees obtained from international higher education institutes;
  • Significant scientific achievements after obtaining the scientific degree of a Candidate of Science or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, including at least three scientific articles published in scientific journals and at least two abstracts in scientific conference material proceeding, in other collections of scientific papers in relevant scientific fields, which can form the basis of a dissertation research for the degree of Doctor of Science (DSc).

Requirements for completing studies at postgraduate educational institutions. DSc candidate for the three years of study should:

In the first year of study:
  • compile and approve an individual plan on the dissertation topic;
  • complete the first and second chapters of the dissertation;
  • publish at least 3 (three) scientific articles on the dissertation topic in the journals indicated in the list of the Supreme Attestation Commission;
  • publish at least 1 (one) scientific thesis of the report on the dissertation topic in the materials of national and international scientific conferences;
  • participate with a report on the dissertation topic at a scientific conference or seminar
  • prepare an analytical review on the topic of the dissertation;
  • make a presentation at the seminar on the results of an analytical review on the dissertation topic.